•  Is JC’s Painting insured to work in and around my home or business?
      Yes, your home or business is covered while work is being performed.
    • Are references available?
      Yes! References are available on request.  Additionally, testimonials can be found here on our website.
    • How do I choose my colors?
      A color book is provided for you to select the color that is right for your project. If needed, we can also help with your color selection.
    • Can you match my existing paint color?
      Yes, if the color is still available it can be matched exactly to your current color.  If that color is no longer being manufactured, we can have it matched very closely to your existing color.
    • Is touch-up paint provided?
      You will receive any leftover paint upon completion.
    • Is a deposit required to begin work?
      No deposits are required.
    • How long will my project take?
      Jobs vary depending on the size and in the case of exterior projects, the weather.  An estimated timeframe will be given prior to beginning your project.
    • Which brands of paint are recommended and used by JC’s Painting?
      We purchase our paint from Porters and Al Smiths Paints. The brands of paint we use will vary depending on the job application.
    • Will I receive an estimate?
      Yes, you will receive a detailed estimate with all work and materials included.
    • Is there a difference between paint finishes?
      Yes. There are flat, eggshell, satin, gloss, and semi-gloss finishes.  Flats are generally used on ceilings but can also be used on walls. Eggshell offers a low sheen with easy surface cleaning. Satin is great for bathrooms and high traffic areas since it has a higher sheen than Eggshell and offers an easier to clean surface. Gloss and Semi-gloss are typically used on woodwork and trim.
    • How long will the paint take to dry?
      Acrylic paint can take up to a couple weeks to fully cure but will be dry to touch within a few hours. It is recommended to wait a couple days before hanging anything heavy on the walls. This will help minimize any damage or scratches while the paint is curing.
    • What payment options are available?
      You may pay with cash or check.